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sometimes things happen and you can’t do anything.


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Life advice from Skye

Well Brie, don’t be a pussy because you have one. Be the badass that you are and roll with life. Inhale the good shit and exhale the bullshit.”

My dad warned me about just wanting something physical with someone rather than a relationship. He said someone always develops feelings.

Nope. Not allowed. I will Brie the fuck out of the situation….but I know he has a point.

Do not fall in love with girls like me.


I either feel too much or nothing at all, and no one has been able to handle either.

I am raging.

ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. I am so beyond fed up with schools banning yoga pants, leggings, and shorts for girls because they are “distracting to boys”.

You know what’s distracting to me? The fact that we teach society that instead of respecting a person and helping people who are picked on for what they wear that we will just strip the freedom of the person being objectified and/or bullied. WHAT A GREAT LESSON TO TEACH!

Let me take this beyond women’s clothing and tie it in with 9 year old Grayson Bruce being told he has to ditch his My Little Pony Bag because it’s a trigger for bullying.

A trigger for bullying.

God forbid you deal with the actual bullies through punishment rather than take something away from a child doing NOTHING wrong.


Don’t try to figure me out. It will only exhaust you.
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So please stay sweet my dear
Don’t hate me now
I can’t tell how this last song ends